We are ready for the future!

As my time with the IABC comes to an end I wanted to share with you my personal feelings about this ever growing organization. I have been serving on the board for the last ten years and have learned so much about making camps a better place for our young burn survivors. I ask each of you to look back over the last ten years and think about the changes we have seen within the burn camp community. Together we have accomplished many improvements internationally.

We have strengthen our workshops to help provide new education and goals for your camps. We have built our teamwork with each other as well as the teamwork within our own camps. We have built our knowledge of camps, parents,  and management of our programs. We have gained a better understanding of homesickness, discipline at camp, and improved our outcomes with our campers. We have built friendships that will last a lifetime. We have truly made our burn camps the best place for survivors to gain acceptance for who they truly are as survivors, not victims. WE have strengthen our membership to over 30 camps from Peru to Canada, and California to Europe.

We are ready for the future together! We are ready to develop more web training for our camps. We are ready to welcome more camps. We are ready to present our guidelines on how to have the best burn camp programs. We are ready to promote more psychosocial programming within our camps without it feeling like therapy camp!

We are ready for the future!

Embrace it and welcome change because it makes our camps better every day.

Thanks for the memories, thanks for the learning, thanks for making our camps better!

Yours Sincerely,
Brad Wiggins RN BSN
IABC Chairperson

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