2021 Membership Renewal Form

Membership Benefits
In addition to an enhanced website presence for all camps, we will be providing monthly webinars, facilitating the ABA Burn Camp SIG, hosting the bi-yearly workshop, providing enhanced content on social media and much more that comes with your membership! 

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IABC Membership Requirements:

Regular membership in the IABC is open to camps that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Provides to participants, a camp program specifically for burn survivors and/or their families, that assists in the recovery from injury by supporting their physical, social, and psychological needs.
  2. Asserts that no burn survivors and/or their families will be denied participation in any camp or related program solely because of an inability to pay any and all fees associated with such a camp or related programs.
  3. Has an identified director(s) that is substantially responsible for the organization and administration of the camp.
  4. Provides evidence, where applicable, of compliance with local charitable registration and reporting requirements.
  5. Has current non-profit status. In the United States, 501(c)(3) status or the equivalent for organizations outside the United States. Additionally, camps may be covered under the non-profit status of another organization if that organization controls the finances of the camp, i.e. a not-for-profit hospital.
  6. Maintains current annual dues.