2019 ABA Burn Camp SIG Information

Today’s youth need summer camp. Kids need this incredible space for development and where they can come be kids again. They need a place where they can be accepted for who they are and that helps prepare them for an ever-changing world.

In this SIG, we will discuss some of the challenges that face youth today and how a well-run summer camp experience can help prepare kids for a human-centered economy. We will discuss how 21st century skills can be honed and developed in a camp environment. We will learn about new American Camp Association (ACA) research (with outcomes) that help tell the story of “why camp” and “why now”. We will also review data from the ACA Crisis Hotline that shows current trends and situations that face camp professionals each year.

As a natural practitioner of fun, Tim will also weave in interactive games and activities that you can take back to your camp programs.

Tim Hucton – Biography

Tim is passionate about the summer camp experience. For the past 25 years, he has been a camp professional and worked in a variety of camps and roles that drive the camp experience. He is the Membership Manager for the ACA Eastern Region and is a regular speaker/presenter for conferences across the country. Outside of his role with ACA, he is an EMT and firefighter and spent 6 years working full time in this profession. He keeps his EMS and fire skills sharp today by continuing as a volunteer medic and firefighter. He is also a photographer and professional voice actor.

He has worked for camps that serve children with medical and special needs, including burn camps. He is convinced that camps like these provide amazing life-impacting programs that allow kids to be themselves and be accepted for who they really are.

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